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Much of my work can be seen on Deviant Art I update my Gallery there more frequently. 

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I am a photographer / digital artist. I use Olympus and lumix M43 cameras and lenses, Photoshop, Daz Studio, Occasionally Zbrush. I grew up in Omaha NE and graduated from MCC with a degree in photography. I moved to Sarasota FL where I worked in photo labs often doing custom printing and processing, This was a good way for me to have access to equipment and get discounts on processing. As digital art and photography was coming into the field I found I needed that less plus I was burnt out with the chemical process, I miss it sometimes but digital gives me the ability to do work that I never would have been able to do before.
I actually started using digital when in Collage in 1990, the systems they had were not very powerful by today’s standards and printing still had a long way to go before the quality was going to be anywhere near good enough, But It was good to learn about it when it was just starting out.
I met my wife while living in Sarasota and eventually after several hurricanes and me being burned out in my field we decided to move to Boise ID for a nice change in scenery. I work in manufacturing at a semiconductor company as a day job and do my artwork and enjoy the area where I live on my free time.
I ended up doing fantasy work almost by accident, I had several pieces of software that I wanted to learn to use (mainly Poser and Photoshop), and found some good tutorials on fantasy art. I mostly did these as an exercise so I could learn how to use the software to create rather than just make adjustments and simple retouching and became addicted to it. I have strived to improve my techniques and create better work, this is something I am always learning and never seem to get bored with.

At this time I am not making prints myself as my printer is down… If you would like to order a print I can setup whatever you like through Deviant art, 500px or another print service. Feel free to contact me at support@bkiltz.com

Bruce Kiltz

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